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Data & Data Storage

How to define, record and interact with data in an instance of NetCanvas.


NetCanvas uses MongoDB as a persistent data storage & has built-in tools to allow developers / designers to easily define the database's structure, populate with data and then query against to obtain results.


Let's touch on some of the terms used to name the different aspects of the DataBase within NetCanvas.

DataType - The type of data stored in the a given table / collection.

DataItem - Represents a single entry / row in the DataBase.

DataServer - An object for a given DataType which exposes an IO pipeline between NetCanvas and the MongoDB.

DataTypeDefinition - A definition of the structure of the DataType's properties.


When designing a DataBase / Data Structure, NetCanvas allows the developer to define what properties / fields exist on the object, and what type of data is stored in each of the given properties. This information is stored in a DataTypeDefintion for each of the different DataTypes.

Once a change has been made the developer clicks a "Generate" button and NetCanvas will generate all the required C# classes required to support the new DataType.

Please refer to the Supporting Sources post for a detail review of the Source generated for a given DataType.