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Net4orceApp Global Static

Net4orceApp, a public static, that exposes global application functionality.

Namespace using & @import

The Net4orceApp is exposed via the Net4orce.Core namespace, requiring :

using Net4orce.Core;

For C# / Code behind files, or :

<%@ Import namespace="Net4orce.Core"%>

In the ASCX controls.

Methods & Properties

  • cApplicationPath the root of the running application

  • oLogger the main applicaiton logger instance with the following methods

    • oLogger.WriteString(string) appends the string to the log

    • oLogger.Write(string, args) appends the string to the log, using string.Format(args) to format a string with the params.

    • Log(User oUser, string cMessage, params object[] aArgs) allows you to pass the user along with a formated message and args

      The main log can be viewed via the .dash log viewer

  • cHostName the host / domain the site is running under.