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Dynamic Assembly

A Dynamic Assembly is akin to a Project within a regular IDE, where a set of source codes files can be managed, edited, compiled & used for responses to requests or other tasks.


A Dynamic Assembly (DynAss) can support a range of programming languages, such as :

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • LessCSS
  • Sass
  • TypeScript
  • & Many More

Allowing the developer to build a DynAss which can be drawn on when rendering content or executing server-side tasks, just as you can with any development toolchain.

Git support

A DynAss, optionally, can be backed by a git repository.

By configuring an account for a Git service, such as github, gitlab, bitbucket etc. setting the URL & branch of a repository on a DynAss allows users to commit their changes just as you would in any environment that uses Git.

Assemblies as Plugins

A assembly act as plugins to Canvas, allowing for quickly injecting pre-designed functionality and tools into a Canvas instance.

We have exposed a number pre-configured of plugin assemblies, notably Net4orce.Canvas.General which contains everything you'd need to create websites quickly, easily & efficiently.

Another, Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard AKA .dash, is a tool-chain that adds extra functionality to developers & easy to tools. It's worth noting that .dash was created using the built-in tools within Canvas, which demonstrates how flexible & stable Canvas is when using Dynamic Assemblies.