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Users, Logins & Roles

How to use the built-in User authentication and restrict access to content.

You can manage users via the User Admin section :

  • /admin/users

    From here you can Add a new User, or edit an existing user.


There are a range of built-in roles, which can be extended. These are the built-in roles :

  1. Guest

    The default role of a non-authenticated user

  2. Member

    The lowest authenticated user role, normally restricted to read & commenting on content.

  3. Author

    Normally used for authenticated users that are allowed to Add & Edit content on the site.

  4. Administrator

    The role used for users that are allowed to administrator the sites, such as managing user accounts, adding & deleting pages.

  5. SuperAdmin

    Highest level account, normally reserved for the developers, only SuperAdmins have access to the development tools, by default.

Logging in

Users can login via the /login url of any canvas.