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Designer / Browser in .dash

The .dash editor has a mode that lets you view & alter the content of the site.

On every pane in the dash you'll find a button with a paint brush icon, this toggles the into the Designer / Browser mode for that pane.

Design / View Mode Toggler p-l Once opened you can toggle between the DESIGN & VIEW modes using the toolbar button which contains an "eye" and a "brush".


Design Mode

This is the default mode. It allow you to insert control, move them to different locations and edit their options.

Design mode active p-r

When in Design mode all links & button clicks for a page are disabled, clicking around the page activates the locations and exposes information about the controls in use in the selected location.

Here's an example of the design mode active for this page and the location named main_side_mav focused.

  • The Edit button opens a window with the options for the control.

  • The Delete button will remove the control from the page.

  • A Control can be re-positioned or moved into another location via the drag drop icon.


Re-Positioning a Control

Here's a screen shot of the control, which contains the Lead paragraph for this page, being moved.

Moving a control t-c

The drop zone is denoted by the large red block, dropping the control here would have moved it above the Main title of the page.

View Mode

This mode lets you browse the site within .dash, links are enabled and the page behaves in the same way as if you were access in the site directly through the browser.