Getting Fired UP!

NetCanvas Admin - Sites / Versions

Each project can have a number of Sites / Versions.

A site has a version number, based on Semantic Versioning, that distinguishes it from other releases of the project.

Create a Site

To create your first site please read the how to create a new site post.


By default the initial verison of a site is : v0.0.1.

If your hostname for a site was :


Then the URL for the first version (patch) is:


Each time the version is bumped the associated portion of the version is incremented and it's URL reflects this, for example you might have URLs :






Special Demo & Live Releases / Versions

Change State p-r

Each project has 2 additonal URLs for Demonstration & Live / Production release.

The Demo version

Normally, we use the versioned hosts while developing. Once we wish to give access to a customer, for a specific release, we use the "Demo" state, which will have the URL :


Simply select the "Set Demo" option and the site will be restarted on the demo host.

The Live version

Once a site is ready for release we toggle the state of the site to "Live" it's URL becomes :


Simply select the "Set Live" option and the site will be restarted on the Live host.

De-Demo & Demoting Sites

If you have any Live or Demo sites, these can be demoted / de-demoed via the same buttons as above expect you need to select the appropriate the option.