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Getting the Latest & Greatest

Here's how to stay up-to-date with all the different Libs that are in use.

Node Packages (npm)

The node packages used by NetCanvas can be updated via the the Administrative tools for an individual site. Overtime they will become stale and you'll want or need to update them.

Updating a package

To update a package click the "Update Module" button next to the package you wish to update. This essentially executes a npm update <NAME>.

The image below shows the Before & After states of the npm packages/modules and their respective versions.

NPM Packages Updated n-s

Each of the packages above have been updated and are now using the lastest releases for each.

Be sure it'll work!

It's Highly reccomended that you test the updating on a non-Live, rather create another release of a site, by backing up & restoring the backup as a new site, before then updating the packages.

Once you've updated on the non-live site you need to go through your testing procedure to be sure there's no beraking changes were introduced in these lastest releases.

Can you help?

We need some notification tool that will notify us of when one of the npm packages can be updated.