Get Started!

Updating Dash

The .dash ui is frequently updated, as is the core, but you can re-install the .dash ui in a couple of minutes.


All we need to do is delete the Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard Dynamic Assembly and re-install it.

Sometimes the SavnacCore Dynamic Assembly is updated too, much less frequently but this too can be deleted and re-installed.


Navigate to :

  • /admin/dynamicassemblys/

Find Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard and Click "pencil" icon to edit the assembly.

On the Edit page, click the "Delete" button, top right.

Repeat for SavnacCore, if you haven't in a while.


If you Deleted the SavnacCore assembly, you must install it before the .dash assembly.

Below the Install assemblies is a list of available assemblies. SavnacCore is at the top, Click Install. Once complete it will echo :

Starting Install of : SavnacCore
Cloning from :
Importing files from cloned repo
Dynamic Assembly Imported, starting compile
Build OK, Looking Installers in Assembly
Found 2 Installers...
Installing : SavnacCore.Installers.SetupCorePreProcessors

   - Savnac Core Installed : 1e1df4fc8d4bef5c811d69246fefe9bd
Installing : SavnacCore.Installers.SetupCommonPreProcessors

   - Starting Install of Common 
Savnac Common TypeScript Installed : f3d7c5458131e3c3661fac4d6a27d919
Savnac Common Handlebars Installed : 3e989c9e05b8fcaa4c85ded16054c6fd

 Dynamic Assembly Package Successfully Installed

Once that has finished, Click the "Install" button for Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard.

You should see, something like :

Starting Install of : Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard
Cloning from :
Importing files from cloned repo
Dynamic Assembly Imported, starting compile
Build OK, Looking Installers in Assembly
Found 3 Installers...
Installing : Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard.Installers.FontAwesomeRewrites

   - Update Existing rewrite : fontawesome-webfont.eot


Update Existing rewrite : fontawesome-webfont.svg


Update Existing rewrite : fontawesome-webfont.ttf


Update Existing rewrite : fontawesome-webfont.woff


Update Existing rewrite : fontawesome-webfont.woff2


Update Existing rewrite : FontAwesome.otf


Installing : Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard.Installers.DashboardSection

   - Creating Dashboard .dash/ (path)

Creating DataEditWrapper

Creating Section Designer Ctrl Editor Wrapper

Creating Uploader

Creating View Section

Designer API

Installing : Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard.Installers.PreProcs

   - Starting Install of Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard PreProcessors 
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard TypeScript Installed : 41fcb1cafe3c8e20a0349a9ac5a3747b
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard Handlebars Installed : fb286c85c0537d2600a13e5fab7208a3
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard CSS Installed : 55212a2aa0aac6eb62ab121b12cd6576
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard jQuery Plugins CSS Installed : 3fb59de616f027051c49d3a7e0a47c14
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard jQuery Plugins Installed : aed15819e44f262db1c59ca72f4e384a
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard Handlebars runtime Installed : 6780d01eda4c86cf85db3a65fda481ae
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard JavaScript Bundle Installed : be302d963db965a1b3e7e6bfd3c59bf2
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard Injected CSS : 38b24f4465461c5b4d0773f4c913a7ea
Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard Injected JS : 4417775c375e076282feab69dff00368

 Dynamic Assembly Package Successfully Installed

Folder Exists Error

If you have been using the .dash, it may error. Because the folder isn't empty, one of the file will have been locked from a previous usage.

Public/__dynamics__/Net4orce.Canvas.Dashboard/' exists and is not an empty directory

Simply re-visit the Dynamic Assemblies page, it will be listed, repeat the deleting of the assembly, this will be sure to remove the folder.